The muse and the booze…

The sun is out on this wondrous evening! I lay, prone, sinking into the warm cushioning grass…graceful spindly limbs pointing upwards to the sky, pads set at a coquettish angle. (I call it the ‘come hither’ paw.)

The warmth of the sun caressing my curved whiskers. This hound is content. The feeling of happiness is liberating. It gives me room, space to enjoy living. Indeed, what bliss sunshine truly is. Today my dear dear reader you find me, as described, reclining in a state of unaccustomed peace.

Two hours previously…

I need a break. I have been sitting at my utility writing bureau for several hours and not a hint of brilliance has come my way. The frustration is unbearable. The Spindle clearly needs refreshment, so I stretch out to quickly grab my travelling cape and scamper boots and wend my way to see what town has to offer a deflated hound.

It was then by complete accident that I found myself peering through the door of a public house. My natural curiosity indicated I should really go in and investigate and I found myself trotting jauntily through the door. Well…what can one say. I found myself in a hostelry of great style and repute.

It is I have since discovered not my local but such is its magnificence I am fully prepared to travel to indulge my senses in its unrivalled ambience. The inside of the Black Boy in Winchester is a veritable feast poised to attack and tantalise the senses. I must say that even in my extensive travels I have not found a place quite like it. It is filled with a plethora of the exotic, disparate objects clinging like an interesting barnacle to every surface of the building – to my right a taxidermy giraffe head, my left a warthog and here I am stuck in the middle with Hugh.

Now let me tell you about Hugh. A nicer chap could you could not expect to meet. Of middling age, sporting the casual Winchester uniform of tweeds, spats and a claret bow tie. He introduced himself to me whilst holding aloft a pint of amber glory and spouting forth about the local one way system…and it was Hugh that introduced me to the infamous pleasures of the back room gin bar…


It is at this point dear reader I find myself unexpectedly tired and needing a snooze…I must leave you in a hurried fashion…until next time…

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