I do not wish to be indiscreet…this is not really the behaviour that a well brought up Spindle should exhibit…however needs must. I am afraid that I need to discuss something, get something off my deep yet quite beautifully furry chest. The thing is…well..the thing is…I seem to have developed a most dreadful side effect from all the custard creams that I have been scarfing down at an unnatural rate. The issue that has befallen me is rather embarrassing. At approximately fifteen minutes after imbibing the last yellow peril…I find myself filling up in the midsection with wind. A lot of wind. To my horror I have started to inflate like a dirigible and from that moment there is only ever going to be one outcome. The first time it expelled itself in a puff of noxious gas was something of a surprise to me, but not as it turns out, as much of a surprise as it was to the humans. It didn’t seem to really be that noticeable but I must admit to feeling very much relieved and somewhat quite jolly afterwards.

I eyed the humans to see if they had noticed anything out of the ordinary. Alas yes, Spindle had indeed been rumbled. Within seconds they both looked up and stared accusingly at each other, which was then closely followed by wordless denials and great flapping of arms. I have never seen them move so fast, they evacuated the room quicker than I had initially evacuated myself.

To be honest I don’t really see what all the fuss was about…perfectly natural. I may have to lay of the custard creams though for a little while…


2 thoughts on “Pfftttt….

  1. Barney

    Spindly, oh Spindly I love you so much
    I dream of you nightly and long for your touch
    I don’t care that you’re windy – I’d quite like a sniff
    Oh when can I see you to have a good whiff

    Your Gypsy Boy (aged 61/4)


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