Paws on the ground, head in the clouds

I have another confession to make (much like the Foo Fighters).

I make this confession however with shining eyes and a very very waggy tail. I have ordered myself some calling cards…or business cards as they are apparently called.  This makes them sound a little grubby and unseemly, but nethertheless I have them! As yet the humans are unaware of this as any independent action from me – especially concerning and involving the internet device – worries them tremendously.

I shall explain. I feel that it is only a matter of time before I am discovered. I have employed my old mucker Nelson as my agent and we believe that between the two of us we can cause quite a sensation. We plan on targeting Readers Digest initially…yes, I know…set the bar high! From then on who knows what heady heights we could achieve. I must admit that my primary mentor for this has been the short human’s father. He really was quite a revelation and whilst we idled the hours away on his recent visit with ‘pun offs’ and other lexical parlour games, the idea was slowly born. I noticed the short human blatantly copying me in this creative outpouring of words but I am sad to report that her offering of “Humphrey the Bumflea” really is quite quite poor. More worryingly there are apparently illustrations to accompany the stories…

I shall myself however, reach my long spindly limbs upwards towards the stars, I shall be the hound I always knew I could be! Please note, I also plan on maintaining a sensible grasp of reality as it is rather embarrassing when people get too big for their tiaras.

A short post I know, but I am quite simply off my paws with excitement! I am going to settle myself with a night cap. The Spindle is coming. Brace yourselves! Until we meet again…pip pip!


One thought on “Paws on the ground, head in the clouds

  1. Barney

    I don’t know what to say. I feel that I should be famous too but BC and the Other One are frankly indolent and do nothing to promote my obvious star qualities. Only this morning a random woman said that I was the cutest dog she’d ever seen. This is a FREQUENT OCCURENCE….they do nothing. Good luck Spindly, I will try to forget you. You will be snapped up by some canine Clark Gable type, no doubt.

    Broken hearted Gypsy Boy


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