Tonight I am thinking dark treacly thoughts. I can hear the whirling winds outside and I find myself being lulled further inside this mood by the cliche of it all. Glumitude. That is what it is. I have settled into my capacious armchair and have slowly rotated myself several times in my snuggle blanket, so I am now a woolly swiss roll with a hound like centre.

Here, on my blog, Spindle is going to reach a paw out into the ether, in the hope it might help comfort my tortured soul. I can barely say any words. As I reach out my quivering paw, up towards the heavens in the desperate plea for salvation. The reason for these dark clouds…? Spindle might have been over exhuberant on a recent outing in the woods with my most cherished pals, and in this zoomfest…I may have sustained what the humans referred to as ‘Oh God no, not again…not another self inflicted injury”

The problem I have, my dearest friend is that I can do 0 – 30 mph in around 2.6 seconds. I am a speed vixen, a flash of furry light, a magnificent canine torpedo. The issue however is that I am not fitted with sufficient braking power (or a sense of direction) to avoid almighty collisions with misplaced trees and other inconvenient obstacles.

It was one of these reprehensible obstacles that savagely reared up (unprovoked I may add) and tried to insert a zip in my right side. Oh the pain!! The pain!! The pain tore straight through my tender heart like the original vorpal sword, “snicker snack” indeed. I am actually quite a brave hound and I am not that keen on making a fuss so I soldiered on, albeit in a confused and wobbly way – but always with dignity.

Now, a few hours later, I have been trundled back from a day at the vet hotel by the humans and I am sporting rather a spectacular gash on my side. It has been stitched and everything. Worse than that the buggers have shaved a huge square of my silken fur off to investigate the what I have named ‘my slight twinge’ and it has ruined my winter coat.

A rather strange side effect of this has been a confusing array of emotions displayed by the loony humans. They seem to keep swinging from unrelenting love for me (which I am quite keen on) to pacing and muttering about the bill (of which I am not so keen). What bill this is I have no idea, one can only hope they aren’t going to retrofit me with a bill/beak arrangement to act as a protective crash barrier? Much like a hovercraft. Who knows with that pair. Anyway, they have now settled down with a bottle that apparently belongs to Gordon…


8 thoughts on “Glumitude…

  1. Barney

    OMD Spindley!! The BC has shown me a photographic representation of your injury……I felt faint and pretended to have “one of my episodes”, necessitating several spoonsful of Kelly’s Cornish ice cream (with clotted cream).😉
    Please don’t get too worked up about “the bill”… just means (somehow) that they have to go without stuff for a few weeks but they won’t starve. I once incurred a “bill” of eleven hundred pounds whatever they are. The other one was very sulky for a bit.
    I hope I get to see you before your hair grows back and maybe I could lick your wounds?

    Gypsy Boy xx

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    1. Oh my dear dear chap! Your letter did gladden my heart! I am awfully impressed at your ice cream subterfuge, good work! I think the humans have come to the correct conclusion that I am indeed worth it…to be honest it was never in doubt…the short human confided in me that at least it stopped the tall dreamy one going on about restoring his 2CV again. I was hoping we could all meet for a scamper at West Wittering…alas my little scratch has delayed a zoom for a little while….perhaps we can organise a more sedate meeting…perhaps there could be ice cream…custard creams…the sun in our fur, warmed whiskers and a frisson of something wonderful….sigh…
      Spindle xxxx
      PS they are still making me wear a t-shirt to stop me winkling at my stitches 🙄



  2. How terrible! If it will help, I will write to the government on your behalf and put in an official complaint about the tree. In my experience greyhounds ALWAYS have right of way. That tree needs firmly putting in its place. Get well soon.
    Monty 🐾
    P.S. Chicken says custard creams are better than any medicine.

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