I have a burgeoning fancy. At the moment it is just that. Burgeoning…and a mere fancy. A fancy for adventure. I am perched here on my tweed chaise longue, glass of sherry held aloft in my indifferent paw, I am quite frankly desperately restless. Heaving myself up, I began to pace the room, very much in the style of Joan Crawford wearing extra snug under garments.

It was during some rather meaningful loping about and sighing that the short human trotted in excitedly waving a piece of paper at me. I recognised these signs for what they were. The wide staring eyes, the relentless pogoing, the unintelligible gabbling. She has had an idea. It doesn’t bode well normally. These are always to be met with some degree of trepidation, we shall never again mention the crocheted ‘cats bottom’ covers she made, designed to keep the modesty and prevent any unexpected flaunting and winking of the said ‘area’.

I digress…she has surpassed herself this time. She has a very very talented friend with unrivalled artistic abilities, who has been commissioned to design a poster to advertise her next adventure, as it turns out, our adventure.

The upshot is that it would seem that she has been visited by the same affliction of restlessness as I, but unlike myself who took to the sherry, she has mobilised herself with a plan. I glanced at the poster and put two and two together a little too quickly for comfortable digestion…and knew that things were going to get decidedly more lively in Spindle Towers. She was wearing her best top hat and a questionably decent outfit which only accentuated the seriousness of her intentions in our new role. She meant business. In no way am I mentioning a mid life crisis at all…

It would seem we were to begin a new endeavour together…Having contemplated it for a while I began to see the benefits from such a change in direction. I could feel a road trip coming. I could feel adventure, the wind in my glorious flappy ears and the call of sequins!

May I present to you my dearest reader…

Mistress Webb and her World Famous Fleas. Featuring Spindlehound the Great.

ali full res copy.jpg


4 thoughts on “Fleadom

  1. Barney

    Good Lord, Spindly! What next……you do look rather fine in the most splendiferous poster. I hope the short one is quite prepared for this adventure…..in my experience “mistress” and “whips” can be so easily misconstrued.
    The BC is concerned about the fleas….she says she doesn’t want me to “catch them” ….not that I intend to chase them……so I don’t know what she’s on about really. Will I be invited to the circus??

    Gypsy Boy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My dear dear Gypsy Boy! You are to be an integral part of this extravaganza! Do you have any preference regarding your outfit?? As yet it is all under discussion yet I feel I have much bargaining power over the short one…you will go to the ball! Well…circus….
      Your loving Spindle


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