Set me Flea…

This mornings words have been brought to you by a tragic combination of last nights red wine and a deviant, wandering mind (not mind I hasten to add). Spurred on by the forthcoming Flea Circus plans, the promise of tassels and the like, the short one or ‘The Mistress’ as I have to call her now…I know…anyway, The Mistress paced the room, waving a glass of red about her head and smirking at whatever mindless fluff passed through her single sputtering neuron. Worse than that she committed the dubious act of entrusting it to paper…well…a screen. The results of which are in list form at the bottom of this post.

Whatever method however, it still does not excuse the idiocy that I have to put up with. It is a very sad sad sight and I only hope that this brief period of lunacy (imbibement) will be short lived. It usually is, a wine gum is normally all it takes, the routine is thus, she will gaze rapturously at everyone, confesses undying love to anyone in the vicinity then, inevitably, will do a face plant in the aspidistra.

Amidst all this merriment, I would like to remind my beloved reader that I am still recuperating from my terrible sport based injury. I actually had a few stitches taken out yesterday and as a treat…a treat? I was presented with a Bat Man Tee shirt to wear until the rest come out – my paws can’t resist a winkly fiddle of my stitches and apparently it was that or that god forsaken cone contraption. There are limits to a hounds dignity you know, we are actually rather sensitive creatures at heart…very much like a modern day Elizabeth Barrett Browning I feel, ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways etc etc etc’.

Anyway, the appearance of the offending article of clothing is not actually that bad and adds a considerable warmth to my elegant yet slender waist.  Furthermore, I must confess between the two of us, that I have warmed to the idea of superhero-dom. I am going to contemplate what super powers I might have. Hopefully it will involve either the immediate seeking out of any unclaimed surprise sausages or possibly more useful some sort of cushioning device so I don’t keep breaking myself at high speeds…well specifically, the sudden decelerations.

It is the morning after and all quiet here now, she is gently snuffling and snoring in an inelegant heap so I helped by drinking her morning tea for her. I have not decided how I shall spend my day today but I am comforted by the fact that I am one day closer to returning to cannoning around like a greased stoat as normal..a sedentary life does not suit a Spindle – although it has to be said that Spindlehound is rather rocking the Tee Shirt!


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The Fleatles

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Fleao Sayer

Peters and Flea

10 C Flea

Flea Flea Top

ACD Flea

Beverflea Sisters

Peggy Flea

The Everflea brothers

Flea LO

Flea Rex

Jeff Buckflea

Bob Marflea

Dr Flea Good

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Itch

Kiki Flea

Run D M Flea

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