My dear dear reader! I have sat myself down at my expansive writing bureau to tell of exciting news! A little while ago, on a day when the dark beast of boredom was flicking me with his rolled up tea towel, I happened upon an internet notice board thing called Twitter. Well, such was my general disillusionment and malaise that I decided I too would join in and see what would happen.

I have actually had quite a jolly time on there and I have made some similar minded pals who are all a bit of a wheeze. This in itself warrants being called exciting however…however! I have been invited to join what I believe is called The Ruff Riderz, a motorcycle club for those of a furry disposition. Well! Glory be! I have never been invited to such a thing before and I must say that it pleases me greatly. For this endeavour I shall be called Spindlewind. I think this ticks all of the necessary biker boxes. Originally, when I pictured myself, I was thinking along the lines of Ogri, it was the Thor like wings on his helmet that delighted me. Then, I thought to myself, no…a Spindlewind would surely ride sidesaddle, showcasing a shiny leather cap (goggles, obviously) perhaps a silken neckerchief and a leather leotard with tweed trim. Who said rhinestones?

I must admit to you that I used to ride pillion with my dearest Rudi back in the day, oh that seems so long ago now. *Spindle pauses deep in reminiscence, daintily sniffs, then wipes a misty eye with a trembling paw.

Shhh, listen carefully, can you hear that? It is the distant whisper, beguiling and seductive. It is calling me, beckoning me into it dangerous arms. It is the call of the Road Trip. Just Spindlewind and her magnificent speed machine, wending our way through life and the adventures that are hidden down country lanes and occasionally in pre arranged meeting points. I must be careful though, as I have quite an innocent mind, I would not like to conjure myself a scandalous reputation! Or do I? Shall I throw caution to the wind, cast aside my morals and give myself to the enticement of the call of the wild?

Or shall I simply stop drinking sherry at 11am?

The rather marvellous image below is courtesy of the clever people from The Ruff Riderz HQ


2 thoughts on “Spindlewind

  1. Elsie, I envy you! Being prone to vertigo, I would be no good on a motorbike now – and Pearl seems to prefer jaywalking to driving. You, on the other hand, look quite at home on that bike. I wish you all the joys of the open road – get your motor running, head out on the highway, and all that. Lots of love, Millie xx

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