They say that once you have a sighthound in your home, things will never be quite the same again. Our beautiful lurcher girl Elsie came to live with us when she was about five years old. We picked her up from Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, unaware of the extreme spindly chaos and unlimited happiness and love that she would bring to us.

This blog is about some of the adventures we have had with her. They are written from her point of view, her own perspective of life at what has now become known as Spindle Towers. The blogs are funny, whimsical and occasionally absurd, very much like sighthounds themselves.

To those of you with a sighthound, some scenarios may be familiar to you. To those who have not yet lived with either a greyhound, whippet, lurcher et al, perhaps some of these stories can change your mind.


Alison, chief slave to Elsie, also known in the blogs as Muvver or Tiny Terror.

Elsie’s houndly Introduction.

I bound across the stage, towards the bright lights beckoning me forward. I am here! The hound has arrived! As you can see I am a shy little mite.

I have made the momentous decision to embrace technology with all four paws and to dive into the torrid world of interwebbing my thoughts.

Voyage on with me my friends, voyage on!