Spindle in suspended animation

I have yet again been the victim of my own fragmented thought processes. I find it very difficult to stay on track. I first decided to commit paw to keyboard quite a few months ago, with the implicit promise of spilling some of my most furtive secrets from my past. However, aside from the odd mention of my dearest Rudolph (pause to fan ones self and loosen clothing accordingly) I have not done that. Instead I have been sidetracked by the peculiar goings on at Spindle Towers. I shall make more of a concerted effort to try and remedy this.

There are of course some aspects of my past that I can’t revisit for reasons of national security and not wanting to breach any common laws of decency. Other times can emotionally be difficult for me to return to. I have of course a sensitive poetic disposition that has, over the years, been subject to much turmoil and angst. Oh I have suffered my dear reader, (pauses again to dramatically flourish a neat cotton handkerchief, dabs at long pointy snout, sniffles, then draws in a sharp, brave, steady intake of breath…)

One simply does not know where to begin though. Perhaps I should try and mobilise my thoughts properly? Sit down and think. Possibly even I need peace and quiet to do this which is not always forthcoming in this household. I have already had to abandon my paw tapping twice, once to creep in to the kitchen, in assassin mode, to kidnap a wayward piece of bacon and the second time to receive a quite unnecessary lecture on unwanted ear flappage. My shambolic mistress has kindly requested that I do not shake myself vigorously at 2am when I am repositioning myself for more sumptuous slumber.  Apparently my ears clap together and sound like clackers and wake her up.

I will mobilise myself! A lot of things have been happening lately and I really must get my sweet, fluffy behind in gear. Decision made, I am going to escape to the ablution room, run a nice warm bath where I can stretch out my spindle-some limbs and kick back with a margarita.

Until the next time, I bid you a soapy farewell.


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